Concrete Overlay FAQs

What is an overlay?

An overlay is a thin layer of polymers that we coat over your existing floor. These state-of-the-art products bond to your concrete and create a surface that is far more durable than concrete. Unlike concrete, an overlay repels water, dirt and salt.

Isn’t an overlay just like paint?

Our overlays are NOT like paint — paint will flake and peel, whereas our overlays permanently bond to a surface. The chemical composition of our products is such that, once hardened and bonded, they will offer a lifetime of service.

Your product sounds like it has a lot of chemicals in it — is it really safe?

The chemistry of an overlay sounds complex, but it is harmless. Once they harden, our products are completely safe for all uses.

How can an overlay be so durable if it only goes on top of concrete?

The surface of your concrete is the only part that really needs protecting. A concrete slab is strong and durable, but the porous surface is exposed to salt, dirt, water, and wear. The surface is your concrete’s weak point, and our overlays eliminate that weakness.

My concrete is stained and dirty. Will an overlay get as dirty as concrete? How do I clean it?

An overlay is a non-porous coating, so it will not absorb dirt and stains like concrete. Regular surface cleaning is still recommended, but this is an easy process. Water and a mild detergent will remove most dirt, but a gentle power washing will leave your overlay looking like new.

My concrete walkway is cracked and broken. The top layer has worn off from salt wear and it looks horrible. Can you still put an overlay on top of it?

Never fear, even if your concrete is severely damaged, we can fix it. We will apply an epoxy-based mortar that will seal cracks and fill in uneven surfaces. Once this is done, we can apply the overlay which will be just as strong as if it were applied on brand new concrete.

I want to put the faux-hardwood under my portico—how is wood strong enough to support a car?

Our overlays can be designed to look like a variety of other materials that look so real, they might just fool you! However, our overlays do not have the same flaws and weaknesses of these materials. Our overlays also do not replace concrete, but rather work with it. The underlying concrete still remains, which means the overlay can support the same weight as the original concrete.

And what about those brick pavers, won’t they come loose?

All of our overlays are a seamless application which means no grout lines, no meeting edges, and no possibility for weakness in these areas. The more complex looks merely involve the use of products that can be shaped and colored to look like stone, wood, brick, or tile. No matter what kind of overlay you choose, you will have a durable surface.

I want to clean my concrete, but I don’t want to harm the flower beds next to my walkway. Is your cleaning product environmentally friendly?

Yes! Our product is called EcoClean for a reason — it contains no harmful chemicals and is not a chloride bleach. What we use is an oxidizing agent that breaks down into harmless water and oxygen. This means our product leaves no chemical residues and is safe for plants and waterways.